Antigonos Gonatas King of Macedonia 276 - 239 B.C.

Chicago: Argonaut, Inc., 1969. Reprint. Hardcover. Thick octavo (standard size). Slight wear to edges and corenrs of boards. Faint spotting to covers in 3 spots. 516 pages with footnotes, genealogical tables, addenda, 13 appendices (1. one view of the sources, 2. on some Athenian Archons, 3. the relative strength of the monarchies on land, 4. the supposed neutrality of Delos, 5. who founded the League of Islanders?, 6. Pausania's account of the Gallic invasion, 7. the world-position in 273, 8. Plutarch, Pyrrhos, Chs. 27 to 34, 9. the death of Demetrios the Fair, 10. the sea-strengths of Egypt and Macedonia, 11. dating by the Delian Festivals, 12. the dates of Kos and Andros, 13. the Macedonian protectorate of the Cyclades), and index. A classic biography of the Macedonian monarch Antigonos Gonatas (276-239 BC) including the struggles of his father, Demetrius the Besieger (Poliorcetes), the wars with Pyrrhus of Epirus and Ptolemy I of Egypt. Very Good. Item #12254

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