Serendipity Book Club

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Join our Serendipity Book Club and get one book a month, picked by the staff @ Motte & Bailey Booksellers, for an entire year at just $99.99 - less than $9 a book, with media shipping included.
We won't tell you what it is, you don't get to choose, and no one in the club gets the same book. We're primarily a non-fiction shop, so you'll see non-fiction books more frequently than fiction. Your book could be a newer book, an older book, a larger paperback, or even a hardcover.  We'll even make sure it's in English.

You'll get to enjoy that feeling of discovery when your book arrives, and see what new reading adventure is ahead when you open the package. '

We'll send off your first shipment immediately. Subsequent books will be shipped by the 8h of each month.

 ....   OR  ....

Gift It

Give it as a surprise gift to a person you think needs more reading, wider horizons, or just  good surprises in their life once in a while. Don't tell them till after the first book arrives.


All books will be in very good or better condition and well packaged to prevent damage. You won't get small paperbacks, books missing dust jackets, abridged books, book club editions, or books full of markings and last year's lunch crumbs.

You'll also get our special Mystery Box Book Club bookmark each month, in case your friends like it so much they steal it, you lose it, or your dog does for it.


The first 50 members will get two (!!!) books in their first package. You won't know which to read first.

1 year Subscription Anywhere in the US, shipping included.


Click on the "Buy Now" link below, it will take you to the Paypal payment page.  If you prefer to pay a different way than Paypal, please contact use the CONTACT page.