The world of books and the books arts is immensely enjoyable, but can be quite confusing and even compex for collectors and booksellers alike.

Below you will find various (hopefully) useful articles on collecting books and other book topics. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know at motte [at] mottebooks [dot] com.

What is a Collectible Book?

The word 'collectible' gets over-used these days, but collecting books is still a worthwhile and educational hobby. We've written a small essay to help the new bibliophile understand book collecting better, with some information on identifying better books and focusing your area of interest.

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Identifying Modern Book Club Editions
Book club editions, while great for reading, are not always the best or most valuable editions. In the past, identifying them was relatively simple. In the past few years, spotting a book club edition has become harder for bookseller and collector alike. To help, we've created a detailed, illustrated look at how to spot the modern book club book.